The following is a list of personal projects I’ve worked on over the years. While none are particularly noteworthy and only a few are publicly availabile, they all mean something to me and are worthy of at least a mention here!

The Lonesome Crowded Web

Website | Source Code

The Lonesome Crowed Web is my personal blog - the one you’re reading right now!

It is hosted on AWS S3 and powered by Hugo with the Cocoa Enhanced theme. The name of the site is an homage to The Lonesome Crowded West.

The Lonesome Crowded Web homepage


WriteTime is a productivity and motivional app that encourages writers by tracking their writing sessions.

I created WriteTime to help with my own writing, as I have found that by tracking and measuring my progress I am more motivated to improve and stay focused. I am continuing to build the app, but currently have no plans to launch it publicly.

WriteTime dashboard for a new user

WriteTime dashboard for an existing user


Slumber is a digital dream journal, used for recording and cataloguing dreams.

This project started as far back as 2007. Once upon a time I had grand aspirations to complete this and make it public, but decided against it somewhere along the way due to its limited appeal, the existence of similar products and the sensitive nature of the application that would have made even me hesitant to use it in public form. As such it remains a well-loved private application just for me. It gets an upgrade every few years when I decide to tinker with and learn a new technology. It has existed at one time or another as a WinForms app, an ASP.NET Web Forms app, an ASP.NET MVC app, an AngularJS app and most recently a React app.

Slumber, for recording and cataloguing dreams

Advent of Code solutions

My Solutions | Blog 1 | Blog 2 | Advent of Code

I have completed all of the puzzles in the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Advent of Code events. I have made available all my solutions, written in C# with LINQPad as my IDE.

All 50 stars in Advent of Code 2018

Is It in the Cloud?

Blog 1 | Blog 2 | Source Code

Is It in the Cloud? is a simple app that tries to determine whether a public website is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

This app was an excuse to try hosting a website cheaply by utilizing Azure Functions. It worked, for awhile - an unknown issue eventually caused the costs to increase considerably, so it is currently offline.

Is It in the Cloud? is, at least

Four In A Row

Blog | Source Code

A simple game based upon four-in-a-row.

A small project to demonstrate how to build a basic game with the framework, with accompanying blog.

Four in a row with

The Elite Puzzle Hunt

Source Code (2010 event) | Source Code (2011 event)

The websites for The Elite Puzzle Hunt, a pair of puzzlehunts run in 2010 & 2011 for a small community of gamers.

Written in ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC respectively, these were built very early in my career and no doubt contain all manner of bugs and security issues. Still, both made it to production and were the host of two successful events, so I chalk them up as a win! They have since been pulled down due to lack of relevancy and unreasonable hosting costs, but the source code remains available for your ridicule.

Puzzles from The Elite Puzzle Hunt 2011